All Winton Heavy Duty Mowers

Winton Machinery is developing an impressive reputation as a manufacturer of heavy duty mowers for use on farms and anywhere else that supports tractors.

Best known for their flail mowers, Winton offer designs for both verge flail and heavy duty flail mowers. As you’d expect from a quality verge mower, it can be easily angled to work with field borders, uneven ground, or hedgerows, while the heavy duty version is available in 1.25, 1.45 and 1.75m wide variants to suit your needs and your tractor.

The range uses heavy duty hammer blades mounted to the flail and features upgraded bearings and gearbox to allow better control over the power and an improved maximum power for clearing particularly stubborn patches. The result is an extremely competitive design that can be put to good use on any stretch of rough vegetation – a fantastic example of a flail mower.

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