Winton Heavy Duty Flail Mower WFL125 1.25m Wide

Winton Heavy Duty Flail Mower WFL125 1.25m Wide


Our heavy duty WFL125 flail mower is ideal for both smallholdings and sports fields. The heavy hammer blades are perfect for cutting the tough longer grass in pasture and paddock areas and then leaving a finer cut shorter grass on lawns.


Our Winton heavy duty flail mowers are perfect for cutting pasture and paddock fitted with larger gearboxes and blades making them heavy duty in all situations. The heavy hammer blades are perfect for cutting tough brambles and longer grass, the sculpted blade design will also leave a fine lawn finish if regular cutting is undertaken.

The flail is designed to tackle overgrown areas and when brought down to a more manageable length leaves a lawn/sports field finish for regular maintenance.


Key Features

Robust upgraded gearbox for heavier workload and better durability
Upgraded bearings fitted to the rotor for a smoother action and easier replacement
Spirally arranged hammer blades for a smoother cut and more efficient power transfer
Adjustable skids and roller for variable cutting heights
Heavy duty hammer blades, at 840g each they are twice the weight of std hammer blades
PTO shaft is included and the flail mower has a convenient holder on the linkage for this.

The support stand is simple to unpin and use when storing the mower when it is not use.

Adjustable cutting height, using both the skids and rear roller.

WFL125 Position From Centre

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Additional Info

  • Width 125cm
  • Recommended for tractors 20-40hp
  • Cutting Height 3-8cm
  • Weight 244KG


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