All Winter Care

Over the winter months, a lot of the work of maintaining your land changes, and with that change comes the need for other equipment to better handle the tasks at hand.

At Farm Tech Supplies North we offer a variety of tractor-drawn and driven options to help you with two key categories of task; disposal of timber that’s fallen or been cut down, and snow removal.

Timber Maintenance

With much of the other work of tending the land shelved, winter is both a good time to assess the state of the trees on your property and see if any need to be either trimmed or cut down, and a time when extremes of cold and wind can lead to fallen branches, limbs, and even entire trees.

Being able to dispose of these to best advantage is important, and so we carry both a log splitter (which can be brought to the fallen lumber to make it easy to use) to help you turn your timber into firewood and two 4 inch wood chippers you can use to build up a store of chippings ahead of their many uses when the ground has thawed and growth begins again.

Snow Trouble

We also offer a hydraulic scraper and snow plough to be connected to your tractor and deployed if your roads or other access routes become too blocked up to use.

Recognising that different locations have different needs, this combination scraper/plough is available at widths of 1.4 and 1.6 metres, allowing you to select the option that better suits your property.

Winter Care Products