Hydraulic Scraper & Snow Plough SP140 1.4m wide

Hydraulic Scraper & Snow Plough SP140 1.4m wide


The SP140 hydraulic scraper blade/snow plough is perfect for snow clearance and grading, 1.4m wide with rubber blade.


Snow is on its way, Don’t get caught out like last year, buy early special offer price £500 + Vat

Our hydraulic scraper blades are ideal for use around around smallholdings for snow clearance, yard scraper or for levelling ground

The implement can be attached to the 3 point linkage of a range of small or compact tractors.

The blade can be angled using the tractor hydraulics and has a rubber material scraper.

Can be used as snow plough in winter or grader in summer.

– Recommended for tractors 20-30 hp

– Implement weight 166 kg

Reinforced design benefits from both strength and reliability.

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