Farmtech Reviews: Foton 254F 4WD 28HP Compact Tractor FTS Spec

The Foton 254F is a compact FTS spec trailer designed with a flat floor for improved functionality, but that’s not what really sets it apart.

In fact, what stands out most to any tractor user who has the pleasure of looking the 254F over is that it’s clearly designed with our needs in mind. An auxiliary oil tank gives an increased hydraulic oil reservoir, making for less time taken topping up the tank on any hydraulicallyoperated equipment.

A bigger-than-average fuel tank means that long days working on the tractor are easier, and allow you to get more work done in fewer outings.

Some smart design sees front weights installed so that when you have implements active on the rear linkage you can still be confident that all four wheels will stay firmly on the ground.

We’re also very pleased with the implementation of the synchro shuttle, allowing a quick change from forward to reverse. This gives easy movement for operating loaders into the bargain.

Like the Foton Wintrac range in general, the 254F is a well-executed design which started by listening to what people actually need and integrating that into construction.

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