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Find out about the farm technology supplies for you to make the most of your Flintshire farm.

Why Choose Farm Tech for your Flintshire farm supplies?

Farm Tech Supplies North has plenty of experience helping Northern England (including Flintshire with farming maintenance for over eight years, providing current-day experience in farming and engineering to ensure the best possible service. We strive to deliver cutting-edge equipment at competitive rates – as well as advice you can trust will guide you for all your farming needs.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch regardless of whether or not it’s out of office hours because we know complications in farming and queries don’t always happen during office hours. Our expert support team is well-versed in farm technology, and you can rest assured that we’ll work tirelessly to help you. No matter your equipment needs, Farm Tech Supplies North has the solution for any Flintshire farmer, regardless of their experience.

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Our Services

At Farm Tech Supplies North, our main focus is on offering reliable farming equipment that you depend on, while keeping a competitive price. We test each and every piece of equipment frequently to make sure that we only ever give you the best available. We value England’s farming community and will commit everything we can to ensure that it thrives, which will only be cultivated if our farmers possess high-quality gear and support at their disposal.

We sell all manner of equipment, from log splitters to tractors to mowers, and we can deliver them across the country. Typical shipments take 3-4 working days at most, but this could be higher for destinations outside of England, and it definitely takes longer to ship them abroad. You might even be in a position to pick up the vehicle directly at our workshop in Preston.

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Our Products

These Foton Tractors are at the heart of our service and are able to take a wide selection of attachments and accessories to support your groundwork. Any time of year, the heavy-duty Winton mowers excel at greenery management. In winter, you can keep on top of things with a snow plough, or manage any trees with a log splitter.

We also provide tillers, harrows, pallet forks, grader blades, rollers, subsoilers, and much more to help you get everything you need to do the best farming job possible. Every product we sell comes with a full manual and a 12-month parts warranty, helping you get to grips with the equipment while maintaining peace of mind about its operation.

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Our Support Services

We don’t just provide all our clients with the tools they need to excel in managing their Flintshire farms, we also give expert guidance to ensure they use it well. At Farm Tech North, we’re more than just an equipment supplier; we’re happy to help our customers and other farming fanatics in any way possible.

Dave is available to help even outside usual hours, so feel free to call him if ever you have any equipment questions. We also work with customers to ensure our delivery and collection times work for you. At Farm Tech Supplies North, providing expert service is just as important as the supplies themselves.

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