Winton Hydraulic Verge Flail Mower WVF130 1.3m wide

The heavy duty Winton offset verge flail mower is ideal for cutting overgrown areas, the hydraulic offset is perfect for verges and cutting around trees or hedges.

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Product Description

Winton Hydraulic Verge Flail Mower WVF130 1.3m wide

FREE DELIVERY IN FEBRUARY – UK mainland only limited stock

Our Winton Verge Flail Mowers have hydraulically operated offset cutting heads perfect for cutting verges, tricky grassed areas and low hedges

As well as full upwards vertical movement, it can be used at a 45 degree angle below the tractor for ditch and verge cutting

With hydraulic offset this implement is flexible and perfect for verges or when cutting tricky grass areas around trees or hedges.

Has standard 3 point linkage, suitable for most compact or medium sized tractors.

– Recommended for tractors with 26-55hp, requires 2 double acting spool valves (to fit 4 pipes)

Key Features

Robust upgraded gearbox for heavier workload and better durability
Upgraded bearings fitted to the rotor for a smoother action and easier replacement
Spirally arranged hammer blades for a smoother cut and more efficient power transfer
Adjustable skids and roller for variable cutting heights
Heavy duty hammer blades, at 840g each they are twice the weight of std hammer blades
Recommended for tractors with 26-55 hp
260Kg Weight
128cm Working Width