Winton Hydraulic Verge Flail Mower WVF130 1.3m wide

The heavy duty Winton offset verge flail mower is ideal for cutting overgrown areas, the hydraulic offset is perfect for verges and cutting around trees or hedges.

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Product Description

Winton Hydraulic Verge Flail Mower WVF130 1.3m wide

Our Winton Verge Flail Mowers have hydraulically operated offset cutting heads perfect for cutting verges, tricky grassed areas and low hedges

The WVF130 Winton spec heavy duty verge mower has hammer blades and upgraded gearbox for frequent and tough verge cutting.

Also specified with left hand offset for roadside verges and low hedgerows.

Our offset verge flail mowers are perfect for cutting pasture and paddock areas, but also for a high quality finish on verges and lawns. Ideal for maintaining a variety of grasses around smallholdings.

The offset mower simplifies cutting close to hedgerows and under trees in orchards and vineyards.

With hydraulic offset this implement is flexible and perfect for verges or when cutting tricky grass areas around trees or hedges.

Has standard 3 point linkage, suitable for most compact or medium sized tractors.
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Great For:

  • Low hedges
  • Tricky verges
  • Orchards & Woods

Key Features:

  • Hedge tilt suitable for use on UK roads
  • Upgraded bearings for a smoother action
  • Spirally arranged blades for an efficient cut
Weight 260 kg
Dimensions 155 x 90 cm
Tractor HP Required (range) 26-50 HP
Working Width (cm) 128
Cutting Heights (cm) 3-8 cm
Blade Type Hammer Blade
Number of Blades
Min. Hydraulic Fittings 4
Linkage Type 3 Point Hitch, Cat 1