Flail Mower & Collector G-FCN120 1.20m Wide

Our G-FCN120 flail mower with cutting collector is designed for use on smallholdings. The beak-blades are perfect for regular maintenance on lawns and pastures.

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Product Description

Our flail mower with built on cuttings collector has beak-shaped blades and is perfect for regular maintenance on lawns and pasture.

Set of wheels for adjusting the cutting height and added stability when mowing or tipping.

Has a standard 3 point linkage, suitable for most compact and medium sized tractors.

The cutter is PTO driven and a standard PTO shaft is included. Requires the tractors hydraulic spools to operate the opening and closing of the collector box.

– Recommended for tractors with 20-50 hp

– Implement weight 323 kg