Finishing Mower G-FM100

Our G-FM100 octagon finishing mower is ideal for presentation use by small holders and land owners looking for a smooth close cut finish.

Product Price £645.83 +VAT

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Product Description

Finishing Mowers are perfect on lawns, golf courses, sports fields, schools, camp sites and other large areas of land. An ideal tractor attachment for cutting football pitches and cricket outfields.

Can be used on a number of sub-compact tractors due to the direct drive from the mower gearbox to the blade.

– Recommended for tractors with 10-25 hp

– Implement weight 145 kg

With the flexibility of having rear or side discharge for areas where cuttings need to be thrown clear.

Height adjustable wheels allow an even finish over uneven surfaces.

These are very well constructed and made to last with heavy duty steel engineering.