ATV Flail Mower WAT120 1.2m Wide

Our WAT120 ATV flail mower is ideal for smallholdings cutting a variety of grasses, perfect for quad bikes.

Product Price £1,620.83 +VAT

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Product Description

Our ATV flail mowers are perfect for cutting pasture and paddock areas, ideal for maintaining a variety of grasses around smallholdings.

Electric and pull start, wheels and linkage adjustable to change the cutting height. The wheels can also be used behind the mower or in line with the mower.

The mower has an independent petrol engine with tow ball hitch for pulling behind an ATV. Perfect for quad bike owners with paddock areas to cut.

Recommended for use at walking speed for best cut and finish.

– Engine 15hp Petrol

– Implement weight 250 kg

*Please note* When cutting overgrown areas this mower should be set at the highest cutting setting on the wheels and tow linkage (similar to adjustable top linkage arm). Also used in a low range 1st gear for 4×4 vehicles and at a smooth walking pace for ATVs and UTVs, to allow for that blades to cut the overgrown areas down to a more manageable length.