Italian Offset Verge Flail VOLPE130 1.3m Wide

The VOLPE 130 leaves a high quality finish, with hydraulic offset for access to grass around trees or hedges. Perfect for orchards or vineyards.

Product Price £1,708.33 +VAT

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Product Description

Our Italian verge flail mower is perfect for cutting pasture and paddock areas. A reliable tractor attachment which is ideal for smallholder and equestrian use on tough areas of paddock.

The heavy duty flail leaves a high quality finish to any grass land, our Volpe models benefit from a hydraulic offset for easier access to grass around hedges or trees.

The implement requires 2 double acting hydraulic spools to operate, this operates the tilt of the flail head and also the horizontal offset.

With 3 point linkage, suitable for most compact or medium sized tractors.

– Recommended for tractors with 25-45 hp

– Implement weight 250 kg

Sturdy steel structure gives both strength and reliability to our range of Flail Mowers.